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Chloe's drawings

Alphabêtes - Chloé Roger

J for Jaguar

K for Kangaroo

L for “Loir” (Dormouse)

Alphabêtes - Chloé Roger

G for “Goéland” (Gull)

H for “Hérisson” (Hedgehog)

I for “Izard”

Alphabêtes - Chloé Roger

D for “Dromadaire” (Camel)

E for “Ecureuil” (Squirrel)

F for “Fourmilier” (Anteater)

Alphabêtes - Chloé Roger

A for “Âne” (Donkey)

B for “Biche” (Doe)

C for “Corbeau” (Raven)

Sherlock Holmes - Chloé Roger

A canon Sherlock Holmes and a more stereotyped version…

Dracula’s brides, inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s movie - Chloé Roger

Silhouette collection - Chloé Roger

Another Snow Queen from the beautiful tale by Hans Christian Andersen…
I try to find the perfect design for her. A touch of Mucha and russian costume…

Cinderella - Chloé Roger

Inspired by the Gibson girls.

Return to Wonderland - Chloé Roger